Product Guide

As you’re browsing our storefront, you may have noticed that we currently have two label color schemes; why is that? At Dragon’s Breath we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the outdoors unhindered, but not every insect repellent works for every person. We use different label colors to make it easier for customers to identify products with the right ingredients for them.

dark label example
Some essential oils and carrier oils are not considered safe for everyone. For example, spearmint, cinnamon bark, and rosemary essential oils are rumored to cause complications during pregnancy; sometimes inducing premature contractions. Peppermint and lemongrass essential oils can cause irritation or a burning sensation for people with sensitive skin, including young children and the elderly. Products with dark colored labels contain these ingredients, and should be avoided by the aforementioned customers. Now, this does not mean these ingredients are hazardous to the general public, they can be safely used by customers with no outstanding health problems or allergies. Always do your own research if you are unsure which essential oils are safe for you, it is important to be aware of your specific needs and limitations when shopping for yourself, your family, or your friends.
Light Background Example
These are products from our gentle line, which do not contain any of the aforementioned ingredients. If an essential oil, carrier oil, or any other ingredient is even mildly considered to be harmful for pregnant women, people with sensitive skin, children, or the elderly, they are NOT used in these products. Whether this information comes from bonafide sources, or old wives tales and rumors, we take no chances. It is important to us that the outdoors and sustainable products are accessible to everyone, so we do our best to make useful products for all types of people.

Sprays or Balms

What's The Difference?

While it may seem redundant to have both options, each formula is good for a different use and some people prefer one over the other. Finding what works for you is important when looking for insect repellent, so we believe that customers should have more than one option. Here is a handy guide to help you choose what’s best for you:
Bug Sprays
  1. Most effective for people with oily skin who sweat profusely.
  2. Best for hot, humid climates.
  3. Easy to share with your friends without sharing germs.
  4. Plastic packaging; make sure to recycle! Don’t leave on the trail.
  5. Use on skin, clothing, and surfaces.
  6. CANNOT be taken on planes.
  7. Needs to be reapplied every few hours.
  8. No need to hold your breath while applying.
Bug Balms
  1. Most effective for people with dry skin who don’t sweat profusely. 
  2. Works best in cool, dry climates.
  3. Not shareable, except with close friends and family. 
  4. Biodegradable/burnable packaging, so don’t worry about losing it.
  5. Only usable on skin.
  6. CAN be taken on planes.
  7. Long lasting, no need to reapply constantly.
  8. Super moisturizing formula, nourishes and protects dry skin
While this is just a guideline, using the wrong product in the wrong circumstances can render it ineffective. For instance, I can’t use bug balms at my farm job. Why? Well, I sweat a lot, Maryland is very humid, and farms are dusty and dirty. With all this combined, applying a thick mixture of oils to my skin only makes me feel grimy and disgusting.

On the other hand, if you’re wading through tick-infested tall grass or bushes, a light coverage spray is probably not enough to keep the crawlies off. Or in dry climates, a water-based spray will evaporate too quickly to be effective. In these situations, you really need the thick coverage of a bug balm to see any results. Trying things for yourself is always the best way to find what works best for you as an individual.

If a product doesn’t satisfy your needs, don’t give up! Try something else!