Quit Buggin The Dog – Insect Repellent Spray


For the dogs! Next time you go hiking don’t leave fido behind, now he can be just as protected as you! Made with cedarwood, lavender, and frankincense essential oils, “Quit Buggin The Dog” packs a punch against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and more, all while being safe for your precious pooch. Always perform an allergy test before fully coating your dog with any treatments: expose a small section of your dog’s skin on their back or legs and spray the area once. If the area turns red, itchy, or otherwise shows an adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately.

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Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 6.5 in

Castile Soap, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Water, Witch Hazel


Deer Flies, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Mites


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